What is a prep centre?

A Prep Centre is a place where you can arrange to have your products sent to where someone else will take care of the storage, the prep work and the forwarding of your items to the amazon fulfilment centre.

What happens after I send my goods to you?

How the process works is you will place your orders with the stores/suppliers you wish to purchase from and then you will have them delivered directly to us which we will supply you with an address once you have completed the joining details. Once the goods have been received we will unbox and inspect the products. Then we determine what prep the item will need ie poly bag, bubble wrap or just label application etc. Finally we pack the box then weight it. We then book it in with UPS to ensure the goods are collected from our secure unit.

Who is a prep centre for?

If you are trying to run your business from your spare room and it is taking your time away from sourcing goods. If you need to free up your time by outsourcing so you can expand.

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